About Resin Parts

The main feature of Tamarusan's accessories is that epoxy resin is used to make the main portion of the accessory. The resin is transparent like crystal glass, and you will be mesmerized by the small world that is confined within it. At Tamarusan, we do not add color to the resin itself. It is completely transparent. However, the materials that are placed inside express vivid colors to give the impression as if the resin itself is colored. We utilize the characteristics of the resin, and place things such beads, ribbons and paper inside. We are very selective of the colors of the resin parts we make. When the materials are sunk into the resin, often times the original color of the material changes, therefore it takes repeated cycles of trial and error to express the colors we want. Finalized resin parts are named into different series. At first, there was only one type of series, but that number gradually increased and now there are 48. We plan to continue to produce more in the future. The series are divided into those designed by Yukiko Tamaru and Mikako Tamaru. Currently, there is nobody who can differentiate between the two designers' work.

■Epoxy Resin

It is a type of plastic.
It is hardened by mixing the main agent and a curing agent. Unlike glass, it does not get extremely hot, making it possible to put objects such as paper and beads inside.


Amazon Series (Red) ・Amazon Series (Blue)

Architecture Series (Purple) ・Architecture Series (Blue)

Architecture Series (Yellow-Green)

 Argyle Series (Blue)   Argyle Series (Green) 

Backyard Series ・Black & White Series



Candy Series (Pink) ・Candy Series (Gray)

Carpet Series (Orange) ・Carpet Series (Green)

Carpet Series (Purple) ・Carpet Series (Pink)

Crab Series ・Chocolate Series

Cicada Series ・Cheetah Series

Calico Cat Series ・Creatures Series



Dinosaur Series (Green) ・Dinosaur Series (Purple)

Dinosaur Series (Navy Blue)

Dandy Series

Dororon Series (Black) ・Dororon Series (Grey)

Dororon Series (Pink)



Fawn Series (Pink) ・Fawn Series (Blue)

Fawn Series (Green)

Flame Series (Peacock) ・Flame Series (Blue)

Flame Series (Purple)

Forest Series (Purple) ・Forest Series (Green)

Forgetting Flower Series (Red) ・Forgetting Flower Series (Blue)



Glaze Series (Blue)  ・Glaze Series (Purple)

Glaze Series (Green)

Jewel Box Series (Emerald) ・Jewel Box Series (Pink)

Jewel Box Series (Blue)

Japanese Chrysanthemum Knit Series (Blue)



Lemon Series (Pink) ・Lemon Series (Blue)

Lily Series (Red) ・Lily Series (Purple)

Lily Series (Yellow Green) ・Lily Series (White)

Lily Series (White Green) ・Lily Series (Blue)



Musical Note Series (Pink) ・Musical Note Series (Green)

Musical Note Series (Blue) ・Musical Note Series (Yellow)

Musical Note Series (Purple)

Marble Series (Green) ・Marble Series (Blue)

Marble Series (Purple)

Mizuhiki Series



Navy Blue Socks Series

New Candy Series (Red) ・New Candy Series (Navy Blue)

New Rose Tree Series (Pink) ・New Rose Tree Series (Blue)

New Rose Tree Series (Yellow-Green)

Oxblood Coral Series



Painting Series (Blue) ・Play Cards Series

Pansy Series (Orange) ・Pansy Series (Green)

Pansy Series (Bordeaux)

Plum Cake Series (Purple) ・Plum Cake Series (Pink)

Plum Cake Series (Green Tea) ・Plum Cake Series (Blue)

Poison Mushroom Series ・Pollen Series (Pink)



Rainbow Series (Orange) ・Rainbow Series (Purple)

Rose Tree Series (Beige) ・Rose Tree Series (Black)

Rose Tree Series (Blue)

Ramune Series (Green) ・Ramune Series (Pink)

Ramune Series (Blue)



Sesame & Salt Series ・Splattered Series

Sleety Rain (Pink) ・Sleety Rain (Purple)

Sleety Rain (Green)

Tabby Cat Series ・Tiger Beetle Series



Vortex Series (Orange) ・Vortex Series (Pink)

Vortex Series (Blue)

Vine Series (White) ・Vine Series (Gold + Red)

Vine Series (Gold + Blue) ・Vine Series (Pale Yellow)

Vine Series (Blue)



Watermelon Series (Red) ・Watermelon Series (Green)

Water Surface Series (Pink) ・Water Surface Series (Blue)

Wood & Lame Series