Care Guides

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metal parts

About Usage

  • Please take care not to get your accessory wet while wearing it. Sweat and other fluids may cause loss of color and luster.
  • Our accessories are very delicate and may become damaged if put under unnecessary stress. Take care not to drop or hit your accessory.
  • After you are finished using your accessory, wipe it down with a dry cloth and store it in a dry location.
  • Some of our products are made of natural materials and may have scratches, running colors, or misshaped parts. We thank you for your understanding.

About the Main Parts

  • TAMARUSAN accessories are made out of epoxy resin. While epoxy resin is heat resistant, we ask that you refrain from exposing the products to direct flame or storing them in areas of high temperature.
  • The resin used in these products may take on an antique-styled yellow color over time.
  • It may also change colors if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, so we suggest that you store your accessory in a location that does not receive sunlight.

About the Metal Parts

  • The metal parts used in our accessories are primarily made out of copper or brass. They are then covered with a layer of 24-karat gold, rhodium, or antique-style plating.Certain products have nickel-free plating.

About Metal Allergies

  • Please refrain from wearing the accessory should you suffer from a metal allergy.
  • Certain accessories make use of nickel-free plating, but the metal below it may become exposed over time and lead to an allergic reaction. In addition, while the post of our piercings is made out of titanium, a metal generally considered to be allergy safe, there is a very small chance that it will lead to an allergic reaction. Contract a doctor immediately should you notice symptoms.

About Repairs

We accept requests for repairs for TAMARUSAN products. → "Repairs"