Animal Trophy Mikeko

Animal Trophy Mikeko

Have you ever heard of animal trophies? It is a stuffed animal that is hunted and caught and displayed on a wall. It's something you sometimes see in movies. Like deer. There was a class where we tried our hand at making them in ceramics, so I thought, "Sounds fun! I jumped at the chance. That class is the painting class I am taking now.


A long time ago, I took a pottery class in Daikanyama. The vase I made at that time is shown below. I thought, "This is the way it should be at first, right? I thought it would be like this at first, right?

Very short and stout

I made a lot of other things, but they went away. In that sense, this vase is pretty good for the reason that, well, it's still here. This top is the key, and if the stem fits well here, oh my, it's quite a sight.

See? It's good, isn't it?

I thought this animal trophy was unusual. The sample had a hole in the head so that it could be decorated with flowers.

I was trying to make Mikeko manager who passed away a few years ago, and I kneaded the clay while looking at pictures. I had only prepared a photo of the front view, and this was a failure. I usually observe cats, but when it came to the profile, I didn't know what to do, and I got tired of it. The eyes were also difficult to shape, and I had to ask for advice from the instructor. The last step was coloring. I think I painted it with a kind of mud called "make-up something" (?). I sat on the chair for two and a half hours, and my back hurt halfway through.

The photo below is before baking. It is not shiny. I was looking forward to seeing how it would turn out after baking, and I waited for about a month with my head held high. The key point is that I put white in the black eyes to make the eyes shine. If I hadn't practiced illustration on a regular basis, I wouldn't have thought of doing this.

 Arrange mouth and nose by scratching with a stick

My friend said to me, "Why don't you commercialize it on the back menu?" I don't know if there is a demand for it, but if there is anyone who wants it, please let us know. I don't know if there is a demand for it, but if there is anyone who wants it, please let me know. I would like to consider it. I may become a ceramic artist.

Aw, you're wearing a cute name tag

 The name tag worn by Mikeko is a part of our series on the front, with the address and phone number on the back. The series can be chosen and the product is made to order.


Cat's Name Tag



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