2024 - Lucky Bags for the New Year!

2024 - Lucky Bags for the New Year!

Lucky bags are back this year!

For this edition, I've added a little twist – a sneak peek video for your enjoyment because I love making videos.

There are five types:

  1. Possibly with accessory piercings
  2. Possibly with accessory earrings
  3. Kimono accessories
  4. Hair accessories
  5. Men's items

Possibly with accessory piercings

Possibly with accessory earrings

Kimono accessories



Hair accessories

Men's items

There are around 6 to 9 items in each bag. The photos show the items planned for the lucky bags, but please note that not all items will be included in every bag.

Moreover, each lucky bag comes with the clutch bag shown in the top photo. Unfortunately, you can't choose the color, but it measures approximately 25cm in height and 35cm in width. While it doesn't have a gusset, it's quite spacious.

This offer provides great value for your money. It's perfect for those who are considering trying Tamalsan's products for the first time or for those who want to venture into items they might not choose for themselves.

Don't miss this opportunity. Give Tamalsan's products a try today!


  • Released on January 3, 2024.
  • Shipping starts from January 8.



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