Summer Vacation at the Aquarium

Summer Vacation at the Aquarium

Just the other day, or maybe not so early after all, I took my summer vacation and went to Sendai.

Why Sendai?

Well, I wanted to go somewhere a bit cooler up north but not too far away, so I chose Sendai.

And it was a great choice, especially for the food. Everything was delicious.

Even though I'm not a big fan of raw seafood (like sushi), I ate plenty of sashimi, sushi, crab, and oysters. Not raw, but I also enjoyed some beef tongue.

There's a nice hot spring a short bus ride away too, and it made me want to live in Sendai.

Speaking of Sendai, most people think of Date Masamune. I like him too, mainly because of the historical dramas.

However, today I want to share some memorable creatures I encountered on the last day of my trip at the Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium.

Whenever I visit an aquarium, I always make sure to see the penguins. This aquarium has four types: Humboldt, Rockhopper, Cape, and King penguins.

Above is the King penguin, and below is the Rockhopper penguin. 


Now, here are some other sea creatures I liked.

First up is the Clown Triggerfish. It looks like a stuffed animal with its giraffe-like pattern and zipper-like parts. I even did a double-take, wondering if it was a toy for other fish.
Conger Eel
Next is the Conger Eel. I was amazed at how close they stick together, just like my cats at home.
Leopard Moray Eel

Finally, there's the Leopard Moray Eel. It’s interesting how creatures from the sea can have patterns like a giraffe or a leopard.

Honestly, I like aquariums, but this time I went just to kill some extra time. I ended up encountering such fascinating creatures that stirred my emotions. Aquariums are really wonderful.

I hope these creatures might even inspire some design ideas.



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