My favorite TAMARUSAN bag

My favorite TAMARUSAN bag

I made this bag a long time ago. I put my sketchbook in this bag and take it to drawing class. The size is so perfect that I think it was made for this purpose. It is an F6 size, 40.7 cm (H) X 32 cm (W). It is quite large.

Perfect size. Cute.

It was made to hold clothes and other not so heavy items. Watermelons and rice are not allowed.
What a surprise, there is also a pouch. It comes as a set. I put a little candy in it and eat it when I get frustrated with drawing.

Candy Pouch

This bag is actually still in stock, I found it in the warehouse (just a room) in the back of a cardboard box. I will upload it as a sale item next time, so stay tuned.


Inside pocket

This is the yellow color, there were also pink and yellow-green. The base orange is the same, but the warp or weft is different. They look different depending on the light, and are very cute.


Just the right size here too.

Also, this is the bag we were giving away to our customers. This bag is perfect for an iPad. It is very convenient and nice. This bag is still in our warehouse, so we are going to upload it as a sale item. Please look forward to it.

A resin part is attached to the zipper.

Inside divider (pocket)

The largest size, 12.9" iPad Pro, would also work.

Includes erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc.

Let me change the subject. This is a bag I bought for a drawing. I took off the label and put a TAMARUSAN tag on it with glue. It looks nice, doesn't it? I thought, "Just with a label, it will be transformed into my favorite goods.

Stickers are cool

These are Daniel Smith paints inside, and when I bought them, they came with stickers. So I got this empty can and put the stickers on it and it turned out very nice. At first I thought, "What are stickers for?" But then I realized, "Stickers come in handy, yes, they do.

My hobby is becoming collecting art supplies...

This is Holbein. It did not come with a single sticker. I thought, "You should at least put a sticker on it. I didn't have any, so I cut the logo from the catalog and made my own. I still think it is better to have a sticker for a brand.
Actually, we have a lot of stickers. I thought, "Why should I give them away? I have never given them to anyone before. Maybe they could be used for something by accident?

I'm thinking of quietly giving it to someone who purchases it next time.
I recommend it for hiding a strange logo or something.

I bought this iPad stand from IKEA.

This is my very favorite item.



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