Kanzashi ornaments that are fun to display and admire

Kanzashi ornaments that are fun to display and admire

The head of the hairpin is screwed on and can be replaced, hence the name 'kisekae kanzashi' (changeable hairpin). I registered the utility model a long time ago. At the time, I thought this was groundbreaking. I was trying my best to make it work.


Hairpin White Wood Lace Flower

Incidentally, this is a sale item as the mould is discontinued. It is made of wood, so it has a perfect atmosphere for kimonos. The white lace flowers sway as you walk.

As it is made of wood, it will break if you use too much force. However, if it does break, we can repair it by replacing only the rod.

The roughness of wood makes it stay in place better than metal. That's the good point. If you have incredibly silky hair, this is definitely the way to go.

Tamarusan Kanzashi are fun to display and to look at.

oil pastel

Oil pastel

 I have recently become addicted to painting and enjoy looking at the art tools I have purchased. It really is soothing just to look at them. I am enraptured and grinning. I spend more time looking at them than painting.

Our goal is to create such accessories. Fun to use, fun to look at.

Please take a look at our beautiful 'dress-up kanzashi'.

Hair pin

This is the metal type

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