Bolo Ties for Father's Day

Bolo Ties for Father's Day

For Father's Day, bolo ties are the way to go. I think the fact that Father's Day is at this time of year (the start of Cool Biz) makes it hard to think of anything else but bolo ties. Well, I would say that I would recommend a bolo tie even for Christmas.

Silk Braid Bolo Tie Mizuhiki Green TAMARUSAN

 My favorite bolo tie

I feel that a bolo tie is more like a necklace than a necktie, and when it comes down to it, it is a long necklace with a pretty big impact. Naturally, the resin part will also become larger. What would happen if that were the case? It is worth expressing. However, it is a small campus, compared to A5, A4, B4, or F6.

Leather Strap Bolo Tie Green Lily Round TAMARUSAN

The crossed leather strap is a key point.

 I have recently made my debut as a painter, which has given me a lot to think about.

For my new series, I am eager to use the experience I have learned to create something even better than before.

 On a different note, have you seen the drama Peaky Blinders? I heard a rumor that Thomas Shelby, played by Killian Murphy, was really cool, so I watched it myself. The opening song is really cool, but I was really impressed with Killian.

Drawing in pencil

I had a class in portrait painting, so I took a look at it. It is still in progress. I thought it would be better if he wore our bolo tie instead of a necktie.

I dream of expanding my world in many ways when I get better at painting.

Please look forward to it.

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