Introduction to the Creature Series

Introduction to the Creature Series

In Tamarsan, we have a series called the Creature Series. Initially, the items were only bolo ties. However, one day, I thought, "Why limit it to just loop ties?" And now, we have various items such as pin brooches, tie tacks, hairpins, and more. Here, we have a hairpin with owl and cat patterns.


Creatures Series Hairpin

The wooden decoration on top is made by cutting the upper part of chopsticks used in the stick section. I found the randomly shaved look stylish, so I decided to turn what would normally be discarded into a decorative piece.


This one is a hatpin with a frog pattern. Back when there was a physical store in Ginza, I somehow ended up collecting frog figurines...



This is a dragonfly-patterned eyeglass chain with a silver 925 metal part. We use a popular braided cord, also seen in loop ties.

Lastly, we have a horse-patterned braided loop tie in red! It has become quite a popular item.

You might have noticed, but these designs are slightly geared towards men or have a more gender-neutral appeal. I create them with the idea that both men and women can easily find something they like. However, regardless of gender, I would be delighted if anyone finds them appealing.

Here are other items from the Creature Series.

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