Cat Day! It's already over

Cat Day! It's already over

I'd like to introduce Tamalsan's cat-themed products, featuring our cat employee Non-chan. I wanted to capture Non-chan sleeping, but whenever I aimed the camera, those eyes would open – quite an alert one.

Now, a little late but in honor of Cat Day on February 22, I'd like to showcase some of Tamalsan's cat-themed products.

Firstly, we have interchangeable cat-patterned hairpins. Interestingly, the reverse side features an owl. The stick is made of ironwood, making it quite sturdy and resistant to breakage. In case it does break, the decorative part can be removed, and the stick can be replaced (for a fee), making it a truly practical item.



Next up, we have barrettes using cat-patterned parts. Currently sold out, but if you place an order, we'll gladly make them. So, if you're interested, please do place an order.





Lastly, the Tiger Cat series eyeglass holder pin brooch. At first glance, it might not seem very cat-like, but it's designed based on our cat employee Chibi, who is, I believe, the assistant manager at Tamalsan. Well, you wouldn't know unless someone told you.



For reference, here's Chibi. He had a tiger pattern when he was a child, but now, at the ripe age of twenty, he's mostly orange with no sign of those stripes.



Upon reviewing Tamalsan's cat-themed products, I noticed many are sold out. I've decided to add more to the collection in the future.

For those interested in our cat-themed products, you can check them out here.


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