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Our original accessories are made primarily using transparent resin parts that we have designed, combining these with other materials such as natural stones, glass beads, felt, and ribbon. Our concept is to design pieces with such a presence that we would want to wear them ourselves and pieces where people of all ages and genders who view our work perceive a beauty that lies beyond the accessory itself.



These are the gorgeous and delicate bangles. Its good point is that... 

Decorative Hair Elastics

Decorative Hair Elastics

Luxury, simple design, and small-sized hair elastics. For any occasion, daily use... 


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  • Bolo tie for summer fashion accessory

    Bolo tie for summer fashion accessory

    Bolo tie is a fashionable summer accessory.

    I always hope to spread this kind of atmosphere around the world someday.

    No, I’m not just thinking, I’m promoting it this way.

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  • Hairpin with dangling ornaments | YUKATA

    Hairpin with dangling ornaments | YUKATA

    Was there one last year?

    I think I caught a glimpse of a neighborhood fireworks display that I could see from my house.

    Today, we are going to talk about yukata (light cotton kimono) for the fireworks display.

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  • Hat Accessory|Recommended Pin Brooches

    Hat Accessory|Recommended Pin Brooches

    Hat accessories include hatpins with long needles, but pin brooches are also recommended for hat decorations.

    Today, we recommend three hat-accessory.

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  • Mother’s Day Present|Hat Retainer

    Mother’s Day Present|Hat Retainer

    As someone who wears hats all year round, hat clips are a pretty important item for me.

    It is especially important for a person who rides a bicycle.

    If you don’t have one, your hat will fly off.

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