Dog Walks

Dog Walks

Since around last autumn, I've been in charge of walking Lon V, our evening shift's newest recruit.

Grumbling about the hassle, of course.

Lon V joined us in March last year as a new addition to the family, a dog about three years old. Unfortunately, the downside is that I missed the cute puppy phase.

Well, on the flip side, he's less demanding than a puppy.



According to the dog trainer, Lon V is going through a rebellious phase, much like a college student. Well, he's tireless, despite being excessively fearful. He adopts a defensive stance and barks at other dogs we encounter on our walks, often before they do anything.

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The trainer says it's a reaction to some intimidating aura from the other dogs, but I'm not so sure. It feels like he just barks without discriminating.

On my end, armed with the strong arms I've developed through Japanese archery, I'm trying my best to train Lon. Occasionally, I may have caused him to stumble a bit (not intentionally – just a slight pull when he tried to approach another dog), but it's all in the name of discipline.

We had a bit of a tantrum the other day, though.

But, you know, as inconvenient as it is, it's not bad for a break during work. It's a bit troublesome, but it serves as a good distraction.

Lately, that's how it's been.

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