Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book

Ariel in Disney Coloring Book

I started coloring a little over a year ago. I had underestimated that it was just a coloring book, but I found it to be incredibly beautiful and artistic when painted with proper shading, lightness, and darkness.

I bought this coloring book at a 100-yen store, and tried to paint it while referring to good artists on Youtube.

I know kids are supposed to paint them, but I, as an adult, did my best. It is the best work in the history of my coloring book.

Art Nouveau? Art Deco style?

Here is a coloring book I recently purchased. I thought I would never buy it myself. I don't know, especially. I think it's like, “Hmmm.

Look again

But you see, I was so impressed by how well my favorite youtuber painted it that I bought it and painted it, copying her. 

I used colored pencils as a reference point for the finishing touches.

She uses different painting materials depending on the pattern of the coloring book and the paper. This coloring book was painted with alcohol markers rather than colored pencils because the paper seemed to be not good enough.


 Earl Cole Marker impressed me

Here is an illustration I drew in an online class using alcohol markers. The trick seems to be to apply the marker quickly so that it does not become uneven, but I am not used to it yet.

I bought my first Copic over 10 years ago

There are many different makers of alcohol markers, but I already had about 10 Copics. What I used those for was the “Mizuhiki series” below. The colors are very good. I applied Copic to mizuhiki and put it in resin.


Enchanting transparency and color

Ten of them are enough to produce nice shades, though.

Oddly enough, I rediscovered the advantages of alcohol markers in coloring books. They are clear and just beautiful.

After that, I started collecting a lot of Copics for coloring and illustrations. This is what I call an art materials swamp. Scary, scary.


The Copic swamp is still deep, and it will be a long time before all the colors are available.

The view is enchanting. Of course, in the future, we will make not only coloring books but also new colors for the “Mizuhiki series”. Maybe.

Please enjoy the beauty of alcohol markers.

 Bowtie Button Cover Purple Mizuhiki Men Women TAMARUSAN

Bowtie Button Cover


Bolo Tie Pink Silk Gold Square TAMARUSAN

Bolo Tie Pink Silk


Changeable Ornament Hairpin Orange Mizuhiki Wood TAMARUSAN

Changeable Ornament Hairpin



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